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If a single person goes overseas on such a tour, then gets married during the tour, he/she can apply to move his dependents overseas, if they agree to extend his tour-length to the accompanied tour length.

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They are then (usually 30 days after arrival) allowed to live with their dependents after duty hours.

Single members, of course, cannot move their girl/boyfriends at government expense, nor will they be allowed to live off-base (even at their own expense) at job training locations.

The ID Card paperwork is mailed to the spouse who can then take it to any military installation and obtain a military dependent ID Card.

If medical care is needed before getting the ID card, the spouse can keep the medical receipts, and then file for reimbursement later, under the Tricare Standard or Tricare Extra program (depending on whether or not the medical provider is part of the Tricare network). Married members are entitled to a Family Separation Allowance, when they are separated from their dependents, due to military orders.

For example, Airman Jones graduates technical school (Air Force Job Training), then goes home on leave enroute to his first duty assignment. Another example: PFC Jackson finishes AIT (Army Job Training) and goes to his first duty assignment.

A couple of weeks later, his fiance flies down, and they get married.

Military members should be aware that there is a special law that applies to them when it comes to divorce and retirement pay.

The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act allows any state court to treat your FUTURE military retired pay as joint property, to be divided with your spouse, in the event of a divorce.

This will delay the reimbursement of dependent moving expenses.

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