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Since fall 2007, El-Kadi has used three representative operating systems—Linux, MINIX, and Windows XP—in his AUC operating system course.With these three systems, students have been able to touch on the three major operating system architectures—monolithic, microkernel, and hybrid—and to compare them using actual code and examples.However, it becimes very expensive when you plug it into your laptop.

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The Lady symbol, which might appear stacked, is wild and substitutes for all symbols except the Green, Red and Blue Ankh.

On their journey through Egypt players unlock more features and additional bet options such as MULTi ACTi ON™ where players can play up to four games at the same time.

El-Kadi also started offering three projects, one on each operating system.

In December 2007, Microsoft Egypt—in collaboration with AUC—conducted a faculty connection day for computer science and engineering professors from private and public universities.

He recommends taking a comparative approach wherever possible—both for stressing class concepts through compare-and-contrast case studies, and for laboratory experiments by designing benchmarks and analysis."At AUC," says El-Kadi, "we have an OS junior-level course that covers operating systems concepts and structure.

Topics include the kernel, interrupts, and system calls; process concepts, operations, and implementation; threads; concurrency, interprocess communication, and synchronization; process scheduling; resources and deadlocks; memory management, including swapping, paging, segmentation, and virtual memory; file system interface, organization, and implementation; and security.

- Press Menu - Press New APN - Enter the follow settings one for General Data . From the home screen click on the Blackberry Menu button 2.

The other for MMS Name: EG - Mobinil Web APN: mobinilweb Proxy: Port: Username: Server: MMSC: MMS Proxy: MMS Port: MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 602 MNC: 01 Authentication Type: PAP APN Type: default, supl PXT Messaging MMS: Name: EG - Mobinil MMS APN: mobinilmms Proxy: Port: Username: The method to do this may be different . Then select "Options" - it usually has a spanner icon.

Some textbooks covering Linux kernel internals started to appear, and the number of proposed projects eventually increased to reach three to four every semester.

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