Error validating server certificate for xcode

Simply create a duplicate scheme of your working one using the gear in the lower-right of the Manage Schemes window. I would avoid white space (unlike my example) because things get a little hairy with paths later and that is one less thing to worry about.

With the newly created Scheme, make sure to check the “Shared” checkbox.

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You will be presented with a dialog to import the certificate. Provide the strong password you created when exporting the .p12 file, and if all goes well, you will see the identity in System - Guess what, your Xcode Server now has what it needs to build archives for your app!

Alright, now this is where things are a little weirder than you would expect them to be. However, I cannot for the life of me get Bots configured with SSH to properly pull from the repository.

It may be an Assembla thing, but despite my best efforts, I cannot get it working.

Instead, I use HTTPS (with username and password) to access the source.

Select the login keychain and then click My Certificates under categories.

In the Search field, type “i Phone Distribution” and you will see your distribution certificates float to the top: If you do NOT have it, then you DO NOT have the private key for the distribution certificate and things are not going to work (this means you have the certificate, but not the identity).

From there, you are going to paste in the following script (kudos to Justin Miller at and edit some of the values at the top of the script to match your environment.

Below is the script you should use and substitute your values as needed.

There are a few things to do there, which needs its own section!

There are two things you need to do here: configure the proper Build Configuration and specify your Test Flight deployment script.

First, make sure the Archive build configuration is set to Test Flight; the configuration you had just created. Click on “Post-actions”, and if nothing is in there, click the ‘ ’ at the bottom to create a “New Run Shell Script” action.

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