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What I see now, in retrospect, is that this dominatrix did a bunch of the emotional management he had received from his wife, and that I was not willing to provide.

Ultimately, my friend got a new girlfriend (who he’s now married to) and stopped seeing his dom.

Even now, with a continued disparity in earning potential, women will often manage male emotions so that a woman can be assured of material support by providing emotional value to her partner.

So, it will be like, they’re tired, but don’t understand that they’re tired, so don’t go to sleep. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about dating men again in a way I don’t get about dating women. it’s like, this feeling like my life will be a life of perpetual drudgery or somehow permanently grey.

Then, in an emotionally depleted state, they’re highly prone to small triggers (like, the phone rings and they get pissed off.)And, women will manage this. I associate dating men with being forced to do a lot more menial tasks than I do when I date women.

It used to be that I would recognize that problem, and get swirly enough to do something about it. Feminists often ask the question, as many of the mass shootings in recent history have been sexually motivated, “why do so many men feel entitled to female sexuality?

But I just hate the way men like Trump have treated me throughout my whole life so much, that I just want to tell them all to go fuck themselves.. ” Why do they feel angry, as if they have been denied something, when they don’t get to have sex with women?

My absorbing sexual harassment from men so they wouldn’t have to face rejection led to years of flashbacks, depression, and an inability to work in my chosen profession. Instead of learning how to take a rejection gracefully, men will claim women should “let them down easy.” It comes right down to that Margaret Atwood quote “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them.

Women are afraid that men will kill them.” Men are so terrified of being laughed at, rejected or absorbing indignity in any way that they Otherwise, he might kick you to the curb and you’d be fucked.

However, as it becomes more noxious, women are expected to read the emotions men and In my personal life, I remember a man telling me that women should reject men’s sexual advances in a way that won’t hurt the man’s feelings. However, unfortunately, honest communication of the feelings “I am not sexually attracted to you” is considered hurtful to most men.

So, women are forced to if it will hurt them has extended so deeply that I have laughed off sexual assault so that I would not hurt the feelings of the man who assaulted me. A few years after that, I asked someone out, and was rejected by them and that experience split me wide open.

Over 90% of people convicted of homicide are male, and 98% of mass shootings are carried out by men (but not all — there have been some female mass shooters.) On a lower level, men are more likely to get into car accidents than women (with 4 out of 5 fatal accidents being caused by male drivers). The amount of crime committed by young women has been on the rise since the 80s (aka, after the second wave feminism of the 70s.) There are many factors that could account for that, so I don’t want to imply a causal relationship there, but… This has been a thing that’s starting to get noticed in feminist circles; the concept of unpaid emotional labor that women are expected to supply.

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