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But who wants lectures when you’re confused and hurting?

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Do not despair: none of the information on a "deleted" page has actually been lost.

Continue reading for details.” Further search for Paige Parker on Wikipedia resulted in a page that said: No page with that title exists, so we’ll have to rely on Google search results.

Apparently the name Paige Parker is a very common name and there were a lot of photos of women named Paige Parker, but this photo featured an older hedge fund tycoon with his much younger wife Paige Parker (don’t know if that’s the same Paige Parker).

Wikipedia search that I followed to look him up mentioned the name Paige Parker, but the link to Paige Parker’s page on Wikipedia had been deleted.

Going to the next picture I found a photo of a young girl in Paris.

She looked no older than fifteen, and provided that she is in France, she is not very likely to be the Paige Parker we are looking for.

Ever wished you could take a guy for a beer and pick his brain about what real men think about dating and relationships?

About what makes men fall madly in love with some women and completely vanish on others?

Well, “Why He Disappeared” is even better, because it reads like a conversation with a good friend, but Evan just so happens to be a professional dating coach with all the answers you need to whip your love life into shape.

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