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Mint offers complete access to your financial data both through their website, and your favorite mobile device.

They have mobile apps for Apple’s i Phone, i Pad, and Google’s Android.

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With the Mint app you can manage your finances all from one place.

The personal finance software has budgeting, tracking and online bill pay that's easy to use.

Mint Quick View is easy to install from Apple’s App Store, and syncs up with your account.

You then get a green leaf at the top of your toolbar that’s always running in the background.

With over 15 million users, is a simple personal financial program that’s web-based.

It’s free to signup and only takes a few seconds to add new accounts.

I picked ten personal accounts to test their service.

I selected a mixture of: banking, credit cards, loans, and investing brokerage accounts.

You also have the chance to upgrade to a premium version.

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