Andrew Kramer is back with another great tutorial just out today.

This one shows you how to expertly destroy a city with a few expertly placed elements.

The administration of a dedicated web server is more complicated, so such a plan would rather be resorted to by tech-savvy clients.


City Destruction VFX tutorial This set of 6 presets and the tutorial showing how to use them will teach you how to re-create the look of traditional stop-motion animation while retaining all the convenience of using After Effects.

The AE project files as well as the After Effects presets are all available to download for free courtesy of Quba Michalski.

The most relevant choice for small scale sites with several hundred or several thousand visitors is a shared hosting plan.

With this form of web space hosting, each customer pays only for their account, which lowers the total cost per customer radically.

Gond painting by Jangarh Singh Shyam depicting a python.

Jangarh Singh Shyam (1962-2001) was an artist hailing from the Gond region of Madhya Pradesh.There are different kinds of hosting plans appropriate for different web sites in terms of the system resources or the hosting environment they need.To choose the most relevant hosting service for your web page, you need to judge what server-side software applications it needs, how many daily hits you expect at the beginning and in the long run, as well as any other specific requirements that may have to be met.Like the shared website hosting plans, the VPS and the dedicated hosting server accounts sport diverse characteristics depending on what the web hosting vendor offers.A VPS hosting server plan offers guaranteed disk storage space, RAM and CPU quotas that can sometimes be extended for short spells of time provided that there are available resources on the physical server.You will not have to pay lots of money for a plan you will not use, or wind up with a small account that cannot shelter the web site.

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